Loma Street Market.

When the landmark Long Beach bookstore Acres of Books closed its doors in 2008 to make way for a city redevelopment project, a big question remained: what to do with its acres of bookshelves?

Fortunately the decision was to let them live on and most of the 1930s building was dismantled along with old shelves, apple crates, and beams to provide materials for community gardens, bike shelters, city planters, and art projects.

Loma Street Market was one of those such art projects. A collective of designers, photographers, artists, and creators. The space is dedicated to tailored and custom cut creative services for those seeking the cream of the crop.

From wide format printing, to vehicle wraps, interior design, product and catalog shoots, to handmade letterpress, and even full blown art show events, Loma Street Market is your one stop eye candy shop.